The Blank Canvas

I spent most of today, a day off, facing a blank page – just like the blank canvas facing all of us humans fortunate enough to wake and begin anew. Right out of the gate, we are all off to a fresh start. Except it didn’t feel fresh and new. I didn’t feel fresh and Continue reading

Reflecting for Creativity, Growth, Change and Perspective

When life becomes busy to the point when I am no longer able to make or take the time to reflect, a sense of being unmoored sets in. If I go too long without putting pen to paper, a feeling of malaise actually sets in. I begin to feel involuntarily swept up in life, denied Continue reading

How a Good Golf Story Can Become Much More in the Hands of a Master

On April 12th of this year I sat in a local pub and watched the Master’s Tournament, live from Augusta, Georgia. I am not a golfer, nor have I ever been a fan and up to recently, I would have have likened viewing a televised game to watching paint dry. But there I sat transfixed. Continue reading

Love and the Natural World in Mary Oliver’s Blue Horses

Reviewed by Teresa Piccari BLUE HORSES By Mary Oliver Published October 14 2014 Penguin Press ISBN: 978-1-59420-479-1      $24.95 In Blue Horses, her new poetry collection released in mid October, lyric poet Mary Oliver continues her conscious relationship with the natural world, embraces a new love as she approaches 80, and encounters cancer. In Continue reading