I AM Free…Please Join Me

Do you have a voice that says you cannot do or be what you dream? Does your Mind tell you, you need to struggle? Wouldn’t it be great to silence that voice? What about the fears that are telling you to stay small? I want to create a bridge for you between what you think Continue reading

To See or Not to See

Most children’s lives, at the age of 3, were full of wonderment and new adventures. Mine was no different. Well, actually, it was full of wonderment and new adventures but it was very different than most. I was starting my new adventure into this life and developing my skills. My teacher was a dear Uncle Continue reading

The Cosmic Dance: “Spring-ing” by Lady Deane

“Spring—ing” by Lady Deane Some “sky-talk” about the dance just above your head. Now that we’ve all begun to “spring” forward and leap into the hare-raising spirit of the season (tee hee), it’s time to ask yourself: “What new adventures/opportunities/people would you like to attract into your life?” For the Sun has officially entered Aries, the Continue reading

Your March 2016 Horoscope by Astrologer, Maya White

March 2016 Horoscopes Aries – (March 19 – April 18) The moon and the stars are shining a favorable light on your sign, Aries. Actually, it’s Saturn and Uranus who are finally getting their act together. Go for the big picture and consider taking a class to get a head start on your new project. Continue reading

Hermetic Qabalah: Etheric Surgery for the Advancement of the Soul

Qabalah is an extremely powerful tool for self transformation, increasing your self awareness, and self empowerment by greater understanding of how one participates as the circumstances of life as it unfolds. It has been called The Yoga of the West and Etheric Surgery for the Advancement of the Soul. Change your thoughts, your attitudes and Continue reading

Listening to Evolved Wisdom with a Cat on My Head: Butterfly

Butterflies are the perfect symbol for transformation, metamorphosing through their four stages from egg, to larvae, to pupa to adult, emerging as a beautiful butterfly. Through the years the animal kingdom has shown me how transformations can happen in the most interesting and unsuspecting ways. For example, one of my own kitty family members— whose Continue reading

Traveling with Purpose: Stonehenge

“Stonehenge is still here to remind us to be grounded and present, to use the past as information and not a place to emotionally revisit over and over again.” I have an obsession with this ring of stones. I’ve been there four times, two times at sunset and two times at sunrise.  Each time holds Continue reading

Mindful Home: Herb Gardening

I love spring. The promise of new life, of green growing plants; the beautiful, the useful, and the delicious, after months of cold, gray days is irresistible to me. Soon after the beginning of the year, gardening and seed catalogs begin to arrive in my mailbox, and I know I’m closer to the beginning of Continue reading

The Cosmic Dance: Spring Fling

As we all attempt to “Spring Forward” now, I’d like to take a few moments to talk about some planetary energies that may change the tempo of the dance just a little.  In the “big picture” news, March and April feature 2 eclipses that offer their own themes, which I talked about in my first Continue reading

On the Cover: The Art & Spirit of Elizabeth Harper

The Goddess of Transformation “What the caterpillar calls death, the master calls the butterfly.” The wings of the butterfly are predominantly violet, the color of transformation and change. Shifting to magenta the tips of her wings reflect the next stage of movement after rest. Her green eyes see the light of a fresh beginning, prepared to Continue reading

Rock Talk: Transformation, “Break on Through to the Other Side”

 “Life is a moving, breathing thing. We have to be willing to constantly evolve. Perfection is constant transformation.” ~Nia Peeples When thinking about Transformation; evolving from one form to another, it’s awe-inspiring to look toward nature. The natural world is in constant flux, though at times, as in winter, it appears all is still, quiet and Continue reading

Spirit Walking: Transforming Toward Transcendence

The shamanic journey is an ancient method for exploring hidden realms beyond the limits of our senses and our ordinary perceptions of time-space. The journey functions as a bridge between our everyday state of awareness and an expanded state that provides access to deeper worlds of consciousness, which hold the wisdom of Nature, of the Continue reading

Living in Harmony with the Seasons: Spring

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) sprang from the observation of Nature and is organized around the interaction of the Nature’s 5 Elements; Water, Wood, Fire, Metal and Earth. Each of these 5 elements is associated with a specific season. According to this model remaining healthy is about keeping these elements in balance and living in harmony Continue reading