Relatively Speaking: The Three Paths to Self-Worth

When you look in the mirror do you value yourself? Despite your flaws, despite how you might compare yourself less favorably to others when it comes to certain characteristics, do you value who you are? If so, that should lead you to become a more successful, healthier individual. Right? Well, maybe. Self-esteem is a state Continue reading

Spirit Beauty: A New Found Safety

How do you currently define “security”?   If you look around in this present moment what are you plugged into that gives you the greatest sense of security? Take a moment and reflect on this question.  The first thing you might tune into is your current job or career.   It supports you and brings Continue reading

Spirit Beauty: Be Rich with Change

Change can be unsettling.  Change has a tendency to bring up a huge amount of uncertainty and fear of the unknown to most everyone. Typically, we don’t just respond to change when it shows up in our lives and we are standing in the middle of it. Instead, change can truly consume us and take Continue reading