I AM Free…Please Join Me

Do you have a voice that says you cannot do or be what you dream? Does your Mind tell you, you need to struggle? Wouldn’t it be great to silence that voice? What about the fears that are telling you to stay small? I want to create a bridge for you between what you think Continue reading

Seeing Eye to Eye by Kristi Borst

Have you ever been outdoors with a friend and tried to show them something in the distance? You may have pointed … verbalized land marks near the object … even physically attempted to move that person to the exact space in which you were standing, to align their eyes as closely as possible with yours. Continue reading

Fitting A Round Peg Into A Square Hole

While there is an old adage that you cannot fit a square peg into a round hole, it may have been crafted from a limited perspective. Take a look at this illustration. Do you see how the cylinder can be seen as a square from a different perspective? From the vantage point of seeing both Continue reading

Taking Control of Your Life: 
Questioning What You THINK You Know About Yourself

This summer I had the pleasure of being with both of our young-adult daughters. They suggested we go see the new Pixar movie “Inside Out”. The story line is about a girl whose emotions “Joy”, “Fear”, “Anger”, “Sadness” and “Disgust” basically are running the show inside a control room inside the girl. “Joy” is pretty Continue reading