Staying Healthy with the Seasons: Winter

Now that the Solstice has passed the Winter season is officially here and with the first snow storm of the year it finally feels like it. Chinese Medicine suggests that to maintain optimum health we should live our lives in Harmony with our environments and the seasons. Winter is a time of darkness and stillness Continue reading

Staying Healthy with the Seasons: Autumn Insights

One of the most beautiful aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine is its harmony with the natural cycle of the seasons, and their relation to 5-Element theory. To stay healthy one must harmonize their own energy with that of their environment. With the arrival of the Autumn Equinox (September 23rd), we welcome the official first day Continue reading

Six Cats and Exploring the Art of Being Present

One day, a few months ago, I was sitting in my living room with my attention pointed towards my cell phone checking my emails, Facebook, etc.  I was very engrossed, responding to clients as well as posting updates of upcoming animal communication / healing sessions.  I then happened to look up and realized that I Continue reading

Listening to Evolved Wisdom with a Cat on My Head: Butterfly

Butterflies are the perfect symbol for transformation, metamorphosing through their four stages from egg, to larvae, to pupa to adult, emerging as a beautiful butterfly. Through the years the animal kingdom has shown me how transformations can happen in the most interesting and unsuspecting ways. For example, one of my own kitty family members— whose Continue reading

Rock Talk: Transformation, “Break on Through to the Other Side”

 “Life is a moving, breathing thing. We have to be willing to constantly evolve. Perfection is constant transformation.” ~Nia Peeples When thinking about Transformation; evolving from one form to another, it’s awe-inspiring to look toward nature. The natural world is in constant flux, though at times, as in winter, it appears all is still, quiet and Continue reading

Rock Talk: Quartz, Quartz, and more Quartz!

Welcome to Rock Talk; a place for crystal lovers and rock hounds! Together we will explore a variety of crystals and stones, their metaphysical characteristics, properties and beauty, as well as formations, shapes, grids, symbolism, selecting, clearing, cleansing, chakra and element connections, daily integration, lore and more. My intent is to keep the format simple Continue reading