Seiðstafr: The Norse Shaman’s Staff of Power

Shamans have always functioned as intermediaries between our ordinary human world and other beings. These could include the denizens of nature as well as the many other spirits. This work was accomplished by traveling between these worlds in a state of trance. A shaman’s work benefits the human community while keeping harmony with the environment, Continue reading

Reflections on the ones who came before us

“We honor our ancestors who, in spite of the inexplicable vagaries of evolution and unimaginable hardships of famine, hunger, war, and pestilence; managed to pass the sacred gift of physical existence to us.” I was recently asked why I believe that working with ancestral energies is so important. My answer is because they directly affect Continue reading

Spirit Walking: Finding Our Way To Power

The choice to explore a spirit walker’s life requires that you not only learn spiritual methods, but also how to be a true person of power. The path of a shaman—or indeed any rich spiritual path–is not one of ego or grandiosity; instead, it is the humble walk into a deeper relationship with All That Continue reading

Spirit Walking: Transforming Toward Transcendence

The shamanic journey is an ancient method for exploring hidden realms beyond the limits of our senses and our ordinary perceptions of time-space. The journey functions as a bridge between our everyday state of awareness and an expanded state that provides access to deeper worlds of consciousness, which hold the wisdom of Nature, of the Continue reading

Spirit Walking: Creating a Ceremony of Beginning.

We are deep into the winter season and a New Year is upon us. Our predecessors celebrated the turning of the year as a time of hope, renewal and rebirth–energies our souls desire most as we wait for the return of the growing season. Even though our calendar is just an arbitrary way to mark Continue reading