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Inner Tapestry Magazine supports people in the discovery of holistic wellness, spiritual wisdom and the celebration of life! It was originally founded in 2001 and was distributed in print throughout New England. The publication was donated to The HeartGlow Center in 2014 and is now a robust online multi-media platform. We, at The HeartGlow Center, are committed to “media with a heart” by providing the public with uplifting and educational content through a variety of channels including: our website, books, radio, digital broadcasts, events, and publications.  Our content contributors are talented writers, teachers, artists, and best selling authors from across the world, all who donate their time and talents for the cause and for your education and enjoyment. Inner Tapestry provides funds to our charitable programs through ad sponsors, affiliate commissions, holistic directory listings, and donations via the website. It is always FREE to read thanks to the support of our sponsors and kind people like you!

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Our content contributors are talented writers, teachers, artists and best selling authors from across the world, all who donate their time and talents for the cause and for your education and enjoyment. Inner Tapestry is always FREE to read thanks to our charitable sponsors and donations from kind people like you!

Maya White

Maya White, Astrologer and Life Purpose Guide Maya is a professional astrologer and Life Purpose Guide certified in Astro*Carto*Graphy, a type of astrology that helps identify your best places for
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Lenny Giardino

Lenny Giardino is a father of four children and lives in upstate New York. He is a certified School District Administrator and Teacher for the state of New York. His
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Kristi Borst

Kristi Borst has been sharing her healing gift through international radio broadcasts, written messages, public speaking, love-based healing “Energy-in-Form” fractal artwork, and private/group healing sessions. Kristi is able to transform
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Mark Gerardi

Mark Gerardi is the founder of the Cornerstone Energy Healers certification program. A gifted teacher and powerful energy healer, Mark specializes in pain relief and distance healing. Over the last 25
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Valerie Irish

Valerie is an intuitive life coach, esoteric teacher, and Qabalist. As an international channel, she provides guidance to clients through healing sessions, workshops, and readings. Valerie has over 18  years
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James Bean

James Bean explores the world of spirituality, comparative religion, the Path of the Masters (India), Inner Light & Sound Meditation, books -- sacred texts of the East & West, and
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Elizabeth Harper

Elizabeth Harper is an internationally acclaimed mystical artist, color clairvoyant, and author. Through her psychic vision she infuses the rainbow colors of your soul into pieces of jewelry, art and
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Dede Eaton

Specializing in the Primus Activation Healing Technique since 2007, Dede incorporates her twenty-five plus years of metaphysical study, experience and teaching to offer her clients a safe, non-judgmental space to
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Sue Yarmey

Sue Yarmey has been interpreting universal energy for more than 40 years. She offers guidance for the 3D world by accessing the various faceted levels of energy. Using all her
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Jennie Krasse

Jennie Krasse has an extensive background in group ritual and energy work. She is of Romany-Gypsy, Czech and Scottish descent. Currently she lives in Maine, lectures, teaches and conducts consultation
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Kathryn Drage

Kathryn Drage is an Animal Communicator who resides in Gardiner, Maine. She has been communicating with animals and nature since early childhood. For the last 20 years Kathryn has also
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Tam Veilleux

Author, trainer, and transformational speaker  Tam Veilleux has been changing audiences with wit, wisdom, science and spirituality for several years.  Her goal is to engage people of all ages in
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Evelyn Rysdyk

Nationally recognized shaman teacher/healer, speaker, and author of Spirit Walking a Course in Shamanic Power, A Spirit Walker’s Guide to Shamanic Tools, Modern Shamanic Living: New Explorations of an Ancient Path, and
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Suzanne Silvermoon

Suzanne Silvermoon is a Holistic Nurse, Certified Yoga Therapist, Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor and transformational healer who understands the multi-dimensional aspects of the human experience. She passionately assists people in transforming
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Dr. Paul Coleman

Dr. Paul Coleman is a psychologist, motivational speaker, and author of thirteen books including his newest “Finding Peace When Your Heart Is in Pieces” ( He has appeared on numerous
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Jennifer Crews

Jennifer Crews M.A. has over 20 years experience as a communications expert. Her passion for the written and spoken word led her to careers as a pediatric speech language pathologist,
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Teresa Piccari

Teresa Piccari is a writer, teacher and creativity coach. A native Philadelphian, she makes her home in coastal Maine. Visit her blog at or contact her at Read
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Deane Driscoll

Deane Driscoll is a professional astrologer, teacher and writer with over 33 years of experience in New York, California, Maine, and North Carolina; and holds elder clergy credentials as Lady
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Rev. Mark D. Storck

Rev. Mark D. Storck is a writer, photographer, and philosopher. He is a founding director of The HeartGlow Center and lives in the lakes region of Maine with his wife,
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Deb Snyder, PhD ~ Editor

Deb Snyder is an inspirational speaker, spiritual teacher, and the award winning author of four books : Ignite CALM: Bliss at Work Intuitive Parenting: Listening to the Wisdom of Your
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