Take the HeartGlow Challenge: Wear White for Peace

We, at the HeartGlow Center, strive to make our world a better place through our dedication to conscious living. We promote love, unity, diversity, holistic wellness, understanding, and peace. We celebrate family, friends, animals, freedom of expression and our environment…we celebrate life. At this time of great unrest in our world, we ask you to Continue reading

Staying Healthy with the Seasons: Autumn Insights

One of the most beautiful aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine is its harmony with the natural cycle of the seasons, and their relation to 5-Element theory. To stay healthy one must harmonize their own energy with that of their environment. With the arrival of the Autumn Equinox (September 23rd), we welcome the official first day Continue reading

Reflections on the ones who came before us

“We honor our ancestors who, in spite of the inexplicable vagaries of evolution and unimaginable hardships of famine, hunger, war, and pestilence; managed to pass the sacred gift of physical existence to us.” I was recently asked why I believe that working with ancestral energies is so important. My answer is because they directly affect Continue reading

Is Body Memory Holding You Back?

With all the many changes that have been happening in all areas of life, I thought it was a good time to take a look at body memory.  Although you may not remember past issues, or past lives in many cases, your body stores information.   Your body never forgets.  Like the proverbial elephant, anything that Continue reading

The Cosmic Dance: Falderal

Some “sky-talk” about the dance just above your head. Well kids, it’s playtime.  The “Fall-der-all” kicked off with a lot of silly nonsense featuring 2 eclipses in September (one on Sept 13th and one on Sept 28th). Did you feel the energy start to move again? Because eclipses will do that. So the fall will Continue reading

Traveling with Purpose: Saint Nectan’s Glen and Tintagel Castle

This month I decided to introduce you to 2 sites that are braided within the Arthurian Legends, Saint Nectan’s Glen and Tintagel Castle – both in Cornwall. Saint Nectan’s Glen is an area of woodland in Trethevy near Tintagel, north Cornwall stretching for around one mile along both banks of the Trevillet River. The glen’s Continue reading

Spirit Beauty: In the Eye of an Eagle – A New Vantage Point

*Grandeur  *Pure Beauty  * Pristine  *Glorious  ~ These are four things that first come up for me when asked to describe my most recent experiences in Alaska. Earlier this year – I was gifted with a great opportunity to connect and work with children in the school systems of Alaska. Traveling two weeks out of Continue reading

The Cosmic Dance: Summer’s Sizzle

The summer is in full swing now.  But let me just start by saying that vacations may be more serious than they used to be!  This summer (and early fall) contains much more productivity than we are used to, and those ‘lazy dog days of summer’ may be more like a wild wolf pack taking Continue reading

The Cosmic Dance: Spring Fling

As we all attempt to “Spring Forward” now, I’d like to take a few moments to talk about some planetary energies that may change the tempo of the dance just a little.  In the “big picture” news, March and April feature 2 eclipses that offer their own themes, which I talked about in my first Continue reading

Rock Talk: Transformation, “Break on Through to the Other Side”

 “Life is a moving, breathing thing. We have to be willing to constantly evolve. Perfection is constant transformation.” ~Nia Peeples When thinking about Transformation; evolving from one form to another, it’s awe-inspiring to look toward nature. The natural world is in constant flux, though at times, as in winter, it appears all is still, quiet and Continue reading

Ask Lady Deane

This column belongs to everyone. Here I will answer Reader Questions about the Sky, your Natal Charts, or Astrology in general.  Have a burning question?  Curious about the sky?  Confused about something in your chart? Write in.  Your answers await. Q:  “My natal Venus and Sun are less than a degree apart in Virgo, which Continue reading

Rock Talk: Quartz, Quartz, and more Quartz!

Welcome to Rock Talk; a place for crystal lovers and rock hounds! Together we will explore a variety of crystals and stones, their metaphysical characteristics, properties and beauty, as well as formations, shapes, grids, symbolism, selecting, clearing, cleansing, chakra and element connections, daily integration, lore and more. My intent is to keep the format simple Continue reading

The Cosmic Dance: The Dance of the Eclipse

There are many ways to look at a new year—astrologically speaking, anyway.  I prefer eclipses.  Because they offer a bird’s eye view of the cosmic dance between the Sun, the Moon and the Earth. Eclipses are like mini-ballrooms (that is, if the ballroom in question were run by the janitorial staff).  Because at their core, Continue reading