FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   BRIDGTON, MAINE—“I’M MAINE TOO” : YOUNG, DISABLED WOMAN FIGHTS FOR HER BENEFITS AND HER LIFE   On June 1, 2018 Raegan Storck, age 18, was to begin receiving crucial, life supporting home and community benefits. Hours before her services began, the Maine’s DHHS pulled the plug citing a conflict in the Continue reading

Thank You For Dying, Jess

Thank You For Dying, Jess By KC James Recently I was invited to attend a business networking event. Since I have been trying to work out of my accounting career I was going to decline. However, a chapter I submitted for the new book “When Heaven Touches Earth” had been chosen for publication and the Continue reading

Peace, Love & S’mores Event set for August 12, 2017

  PEACE, LOVE & S’MORES!!!! 6th Annual S’more Social and Holistic Fair to benefit families with special needs to be held on August 12, 2017.   Final preparations are underway for the S’more Social, a one-day benefit event bringing together artists, authors, holistic healers and other professionals in the field of mind-body-spirit from across the Continue reading

How to Stay Positive Online?: Beware the Social Meme

Social media is tool or in some cases a weapon to manipulate a reaction from people to support social policy. A quite effective tool at that. The most effective and caustic weapon on social media is the meme. The definition for most people is that a meme is an internet anecdote passed along for humorous Continue reading

An Uncommon Joy: A day in the life of a special needs parent

It begins first thing in the morning, you hear your child call out. This isn’t a normal yell; it’s a guttural croak, yelp or groan. Your eyes snap open with a start. It’s not like you were in a very deep sleep, anyway. You hurriedly make your way to your little one’s bedside, more calm Continue reading

Caregiver Diaries: For the Love of Sev

I met Nanett Prausa in 1999 when our boys were babies and we were both part of an email listserv for parents of children with microcephaly. Through that forum we could talk to other parents on a daily basis about feeding problems, seizure treatment, growth and vision issues. It was a great way to pool Continue reading

Peanut Exposure May Prevent Allergies

New dietary guidelines say it’s ok to feed your infant small amounts of peanuts in order to prevent a serious allergy later in life. The new guidelines from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), provide information for how to introduce peanut-containing food for high, moderate and high-risk infants. “This update to the Continue reading

Logic, Love & Enlightenment: Navigating decision making with spirit in mind

Logic, Love & Enlightenment: Navigating decision making with spirit in mind By Dr. Christie Melonson Decision making can be elusive, especially when we face challenges or forks in the road of life. Technology can also bombard us with images of what life should look like and how we should think, behave, and feel. Emotions can overflow Continue reading

Seeing Eye to Eye by Kristi Borst

Have you ever been outdoors with a friend and tried to show them something in the distance? You may have pointed … verbalized land marks near the object … even physically attempted to move that person to the exact space in which you were standing, to align their eyes as closely as possible with yours. Continue reading

Relatively Speaking: Who am I?

WHO AM I? There was a special tree my friends and I would climb when I was about eight years old. Its lowest branches grew out of its trunk about four feet off the ground and proceeded to extend horizontally for about eight feet before rising up. The branches were wide enough that we could Continue reading

Toy Breakthroughs: Barbie Finally Gets Realistic Body; Lego Figure Gets Wheelchair

Two staples of the make-believe world of children’s toys will soon reflect real life diversity. LEGO will add its first mini-figure in a wheelchair and Barbie will add some curves, as well as seven different skin tones. WANT MORE BREAKTHROUGHS IN YOUR LIFE? …GET OUR GOOD NEWS APP -> Download FREE for Android and iOS Continue reading

Fitting A Round Peg Into A Square Hole

While there is an old adage that you cannot fit a square peg into a round hole, it may have been crafted from a limited perspective. Take a look at this illustration. Do you see how the cylinder can be seen as a square from a different perspective? From the vantage point of seeing both Continue reading

Take the HeartGlow Challenge: Wear White for Peace

We, at the HeartGlow Center, strive to make our world a better place through our dedication to conscious living. We promote love, unity, diversity, holistic wellness, understanding, and peace. We celebrate family, friends, animals, freedom of expression and our environment…we celebrate life. At this time of great unrest in our world, we ask you to Continue reading

Stop Teaching My God Is Better Than Your God, And You Will End Terrorism

Another tragedy in Paris. A continual pattern of violence as old as ancient texts that cause such events. You may ask yourself, how do we change the path of human consciousness to prevent further tragedies? For some, there is a feeling it is a never ending pattern with no solutions to the problem of terrorism. Continue reading

Pregnant Yogini Looks Inward Witnessing Divinity

Pregnancy is one of the most holy times in a woman’s life.  At the level of the causal body, a sacred soul contract is agreed upon between the players of this most amazing creation: mom, dad, baby and the forces of Purusha and Prakriti (Divine Masculine and Feminine).  At the moment of conception, glorious powers Continue reading

Taking Control of Your Life: 
Questioning What You THINK You Know About Yourself

This summer I had the pleasure of being with both of our young-adult daughters. They suggested we go see the new Pixar movie “Inside Out”. The story line is about a girl whose emotions “Joy”, “Fear”, “Anger”, “Sadness” and “Disgust” basically are running the show inside a control room inside the girl. “Joy” is pretty Continue reading

Caregiver Diaries: An Unbroken Man

When I was young I loved sitting under my parent’s desk, tucked away in my quiet cubbyhole, writing poetry. In school, instead of listening to my math teacher, I spent too much time daydreaming and writing. I still avoid numbers, but adore words. This is one reason I am attracted to Eric Fischer’s story. Eric’s Continue reading

Mindful Home: Viva Staycation!

How does that old song go? Summertime and the livin’s easy…bring it on. Affording a vacation without the “ching-ching”, though…not always that easy. My husband Scott and I try to live simply and (mostly) within our means. We bought our house 10 years ago, and just as the ink was drying on the contract, Hurricane Continue reading