Hermetic Qabalah: Etheric Surgery for the Advancement of the Soul

Qabalah is an extremely powerful tool for self transformation, increasing your self awareness, and self empowerment by greater understanding of how one participates as the circumstances of life as it unfolds. It has been called The Yoga of the West and Etheric Surgery for the Advancement of the Soul. Change your thoughts, your attitudes and Continue reading

The Next Step: Embrace Your Inner Passions

A change of season always produces a change of plans from the usual “same old, same old”. You are aware of the changes happening in nature…weather begins to warm…the air becomes more fragrant… outdoor activities are numerous. The next step that happens in nature, at least in our hemisphere, is GROWTH! Are you prepared for Continue reading

Caregiver Diaries: An Unbroken Man

When I was young I loved sitting under my parent’s desk, tucked away in my quiet cubbyhole, writing poetry. In school, instead of listening to my math teacher, I spent too much time daydreaming and writing. I still avoid numbers, but adore words. This is one reason I am attracted to Eric Fischer’s story. Eric’s Continue reading

Yoga Is The Mighty Sword Of The Dragon Slayer

What do want from life?   The universal answer to this question is: “to be happy”.  So, then, what does it take to truly be happy in this life?  If we were to listen to the giant advertisers from Madison Avenue, we couldn’t possibly be happy without driving a Lexus automobile, while wearing the latest Continue reading

How a Good Golf Story Can Become Much More in the Hands of a Master

On April 12th of this year I sat in a local pub and watched the Master’s Tournament, live from Augusta, Georgia. I am not a golfer, nor have I ever been a fan and up to recently, I would have have likened viewing a televised game to watching paint dry. But there I sat transfixed. Continue reading

Spirit Beauty: In the Eye of an Eagle – A New Vantage Point

*Grandeur  *Pure Beauty  * Pristine  *Glorious  ~ These are four things that first come up for me when asked to describe my most recent experiences in Alaska. Earlier this year – I was gifted with a great opportunity to connect and work with children in the school systems of Alaska. Traveling two weeks out of Continue reading

Spirit Beauty: A New Found Safety

How do you currently define “security”?   If you look around in this present moment what are you plugged into that gives you the greatest sense of security? Take a moment and reflect on this question.  The first thing you might tune into is your current job or career.   It supports you and brings Continue reading

Relatively Speaking: The Cycle of Change

Thanksgiving day in 1985 was dreary and cold. My son, our first child, had been born eight days earlier but spent his first six days of life in the hospital. He had contracted viral meningitis shortly after being born making the joy of his birth short-lived. His young, first-time parents hadn’t prepared for that possibility Continue reading

Putting Your Passion to Work

  We leisurely stroll through life and think, “I know what passion is.” Your initial memory of passion may be your very first girlfriend…in second grade. The next: maybe a trading card collection or bag of marbles. Passion can be a fickle and fleeting thing. One day you’re excited, animated and motivated. The next, you Continue reading

The Next Step: New Beginnings

From the very beginning, you are taught to take things “one step at a time”.  From learning to crawl to learning to walk, to being able to run, you are encouraged to move slowly.  Each step you take in life is designed to take you forward to a better life.  As you age, you are Continue reading

Spirit Beauty: Be Rich with Change

Change can be unsettling.  Change has a tendency to bring up a huge amount of uncertainty and fear of the unknown to most everyone. Typically, we don’t just respond to change when it shows up in our lives and we are standing in the middle of it. Instead, change can truly consume us and take Continue reading

The Cosmic Dance: The Dance of the Eclipse

There are many ways to look at a new year—astrologically speaking, anyway.  I prefer eclipses.  Because they offer a bird’s eye view of the cosmic dance between the Sun, the Moon and the Earth. Eclipses are like mini-ballrooms (that is, if the ballroom in question were run by the janitorial staff).  Because at their core, Continue reading

Mindful Home: What’ll It Be; Your Stuff or Your Life?

Happy New Year! Let’s start the year by taking a journey together exploring what it means to have a mindful home. The creation of a home that supports us through all of life’s experiences. When we are ‘mindful’ we are “aware of something that may be important”. Your home provides safe haven to the significant Continue reading

Ignite CALM in 4 Simple Steps

Everything in life is connected. Our home life influences our work and our work can dictate our level of day-to-day happiness. We simply can’t expect to live happy lives if we’re miserable at work. Not only do we spend at least 50 hours per week at our jobs, we end up wasting precious energy complaining Continue reading

Notes from a Journey in Progress: Neanderthal DNA, Diabetes & the Zombie Apocalypse

Scientists have discovered a connection between having Neanderthal genes and being at higher risk for certain diseases. ‘Apparently, [Neanderthals] passed on variants involved in type 2 diabetes, Crohn’s disease and – curiously – smoking addiction.’ This, according to a Harvard University study, as reported in BBC News on January 29th 2014. It just so happens Continue reading

Spirit Walking: Creating a Ceremony of Beginning.

We are deep into the winter season and a New Year is upon us. Our predecessors celebrated the turning of the year as a time of hope, renewal and rebirth–energies our souls desire most as we wait for the return of the growing season. Even though our calendar is just an arbitrary way to mark Continue reading