Staying Healthy with the Seasons: Winter

Now that the Solstice has passed the Winter season is officially here and with the first snow storm of the year it finally feels like it. Chinese Medicine suggests that to maintain optimum health we should live our lives in Harmony with our environments and the seasons. Winter is a time of darkness and stillness Continue reading

Take the HeartGlow Challenge: Wear White for Peace

We, at the HeartGlow Center, strive to make our world a better place through our dedication to conscious living. We promote love, unity, diversity, holistic wellness, understanding, and peace. We celebrate family, friends, animals, freedom of expression and our environment…we celebrate life. At this time of great unrest in our world, we ask you to Continue reading

Learning through Chocolate ~ Tune In to Your Inner Push & Pull

At one of the most exotic chocolate shops on Beverly Drive, in Beverly Hills, California my own inner self reflection revealed herself in the most unusual way. Through the sensual combination of chocolate and spices my “inner push and pull” came forth and seemed to take over my entire being. This “inner push and pull” Continue reading

Mindful Home: Viva Staycation!

How does that old song go? Summertime and the livin’s easy…bring it on. Affording a vacation without the “ching-ching”, though…not always that easy. My husband Scott and I try to live simply and (mostly) within our means. We bought our house 10 years ago, and just as the ink was drying on the contract, Hurricane Continue reading

Mindful Home: Herb Gardening

I love spring. The promise of new life, of green growing plants; the beautiful, the useful, and the delicious, after months of cold, gray days is irresistible to me. Soon after the beginning of the year, gardening and seed catalogs begin to arrive in my mailbox, and I know I’m closer to the beginning of Continue reading

Living in Harmony with the Seasons: Spring

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) sprang from the observation of Nature and is organized around the interaction of the Nature’s 5 Elements; Water, Wood, Fire, Metal and Earth. Each of these 5 elements is associated with a specific season. According to this model remaining healthy is about keeping these elements in balance and living in harmony Continue reading

Mindful Home: What’ll It Be; Your Stuff or Your Life?

Happy New Year! Let’s start the year by taking a journey together exploring what it means to have a mindful home. The creation of a home that supports us through all of life’s experiences. When we are ‘mindful’ we are “aware of something that may be important”. Your home provides safe haven to the significant Continue reading