Your June 2016 Horoscope by Astrologer, Maya White

June 2016 Aries – (March 19 – April 18) Pay attention to nuances this month, Aries. A meaningful glance speaks volumes. You may have to brush up on your mind reading technique, but the effort pays off through improved relationships and, more cash. Venus is chatting up a storm in your third house of communication. Continue reading

Sound Meditation in the Sacred Texts of the Great World Religions, Part One

No doubt, many of you saw the movie Contact, based upon the book with that same title authored by the late Dr. Carl Sagan. The story was about SETI — the search of extraterrestrial intelligence. In this film scientists intercepted radio signal emanating from another part of the galaxy. These broadcasts were being beamed directly Continue reading

Staying Healthy with the Seasons: Winter

Now that the Solstice has passed the Winter season is officially here and with the first snow storm of the year it finally feels like it. Chinese Medicine suggests that to maintain optimum health we should live our lives in Harmony with our environments and the seasons. Winter is a time of darkness and stillness Continue reading

Take the HeartGlow Challenge: Wear White for Peace

We, at the HeartGlow Center, strive to make our world a better place through our dedication to conscious living. We promote love, unity, diversity, holistic wellness, understanding, and peace. We celebrate family, friends, animals, freedom of expression and our environment…we celebrate life. At this time of great unrest in our world, we ask you to Continue reading

Stones of Reflection

As summer seamlessly transforms to autumn and many return to a more structured schedule, it feels like a time to take a quiet break to contemplate and regroup. The energy of early autumn often brings me into in a reflective mood; the crisp air, magickal turning of the colors and comforting scents of the season Continue reading

Pregnant Yogini Looks Inward Witnessing Divinity

Pregnancy is one of the most holy times in a woman’s life.  At the level of the causal body, a sacred soul contract is agreed upon between the players of this most amazing creation: mom, dad, baby and the forces of Purusha and Prakriti (Divine Masculine and Feminine).  At the moment of conception, glorious powers Continue reading

How can the Qabalah experience help you live a more authentic life?

When was the last time you felt alive and vibrant? If the answer is not “today” or “right now” then maybe you are not living with authenticity. What is keeping you from living a better life? We are all living life and engaging in relationships to the level we feel we deserve. That may be a Continue reading

Staying Healthy with the Seasons: Autumn Insights

One of the most beautiful aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine is its harmony with the natural cycle of the seasons, and their relation to 5-Element theory. To stay healthy one must harmonize their own energy with that of their environment. With the arrival of the Autumn Equinox (September 23rd), we welcome the official first day Continue reading

Light & Sound Are Within You: Meditation for Beginners

“Blessed are the souls who in today’s materialistic world have an inclination towards spirituality.”  ~Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj Those interested in the health benefits of the relaxation response are learning to use meditation to reduce stress. Christians searching for a deeper spirituality are finding, through the meditative practice of centering prayer, a way to Continue reading

Hermetic Qabalah: Etheric Surgery for the Advancement of the Soul

Qabalah is an extremely powerful tool for self transformation, increasing your self awareness, and self empowerment by greater understanding of how one participates as the circumstances of life as it unfolds. It has been called The Yoga of the West and Etheric Surgery for the Advancement of the Soul. Change your thoughts, your attitudes and Continue reading

Yoga Is The Mighty Sword Of The Dragon Slayer

What do want from life?   The universal answer to this question is: “to be happy”.  So, then, what does it take to truly be happy in this life?  If we were to listen to the giant advertisers from Madison Avenue, we couldn’t possibly be happy without driving a Lexus automobile, while wearing the latest Continue reading

Essence of the Lotus: Listen to Your Guidance

The yogic life is one of constant practice whether on the mat or off.  It is a life of willingly turning our gaze inward in honest self-inquiry.  The reward of this journey is full acceptance of oneself, and enduring self-love.  The practice of yoga gives one the fortitude to hang out in intense places with Continue reading

On the Cover: The Art & Spirit of Elizabeth Harper

The Goddess of Transformation “What the caterpillar calls death, the master calls the butterfly.” The wings of the butterfly are predominantly violet, the color of transformation and change. Shifting to magenta the tips of her wings reflect the next stage of movement after rest. Her green eyes see the light of a fresh beginning, prepared to Continue reading

Spirit Walking: Transforming Toward Transcendence

The shamanic journey is an ancient method for exploring hidden realms beyond the limits of our senses and our ordinary perceptions of time-space. The journey functions as a bridge between our everyday state of awareness and an expanded state that provides access to deeper worlds of consciousness, which hold the wisdom of Nature, of the Continue reading

What’s Old is New Again: Complementary Medicine and Ayurveda Wellness

The ancient Rishis of India gave humanity the greatest gift.  This gift was a detailed road map to living the most optimal, vibrantly healthy and spiritually aligned human life.  The gift they gave was the Vedas, Caraka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita, Astanga Hridaya, and the Yoga Sutras.  Through these detailed books, the wise seers imparted the knowledge of Continue reading

Ignite CALM in 4 Simple Steps

Everything in life is connected. Our home life influences our work and our work can dictate our level of day-to-day happiness. We simply can’t expect to live happy lives if we’re miserable at work. Not only do we spend at least 50 hours per week at our jobs, we end up wasting precious energy complaining Continue reading