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James Bean

James Bean

James Bean explores the world of spirituality, comparative religion, the
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Kristi Borst

Kristi Borst has been sharing her healing gift through international
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Dede Eaton

Specializing in the Primus Activation Healing Technique since 2007, Dede
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J Crews

Jennifer Crews

Jennifer Crews M.A. has over 20 years experience as a
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K drage

Kathryn Drage

Kathryn Drage is an Animal Communicator who resides in Gardiner,
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Deb Snyder

Deb Snyder, Editor-in-Chief

Deb Snyder is an inspirational speaker, spiritual teacher, and the
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Deane Driscoll

Deane Driscoll is a professional astrologer, teacher and writer with
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Paul Coleman

Dr. Paul Coleman is a psychologist, motivational speaker, and author
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Featured Articles

Butterfly Cat

Listening to Evolved Wisdom with a Cat on My Head: Butterfly

Butterflies are the perfect symbol for transformation, metamorphosing through their four stages from egg, to larvae, to pupa to adult, ...

Relatively Speaking: The Three Paths to Self-Worth

When you look in the mirror do you value yourself? Despite your flaws, despite how you might compare yourself less ...
Giovanni Bellini’s
“Mary Magdalene”

The Fall and Rise of the Gnostics, Part Two

“The god of time (illusion) has put a cover over the teachings of Saints and thus concealed them from humanity.”  ~Swami ...

The Cosmic Dance: Summer’s Sizzle

The summer is in full swing now.  But let me just start by saying that vacations may be more serious ...
Mark-Slide1 copy

Putting Your Passion to Work

  We leisurely stroll through life and think, “I know what passion is.” Your initial memory of passion may be your ...
White Peony Spirit

PRETENDING, A Poem by Deb Guillerault

PRETENDING Aren’t you tired of pretending all the time?  I know I am. I am no longer a child; Pretending is not a ...